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In actuality, they voted for him under a fear of racism - Malta Offers Website

In actuality, they voted for him under a fear of racism

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canada goose jacket sale Most of America claimed to have voted for Obama for his policies. In actuality, they voted for him under a fear of racism. They feared that not voting for him would make them racist and outcasts in society. Kirk Watson (Photo: Texas Senate)The package of five bills was endorsed by Texans Against Sexual Assault and the group End Rape on Campus, which said that not only is sexual aggression too common at institutions of higher learning but there are also too many barriers to reporting that behavior.”For years, victims of sexual assault have been discouraged from reporting Canada Goose Sale, fearing that their cases wouldn’t be taken seriously, their assailants wouldn’t be punished, or that they themselves could be penalized in cases involving alcohol or drugs,” said Sofie Karasek Cheap Canada Goose, co founder of End Rape on Campus. “These bills are a critical step forward in keeping Texas’ students safe from sexual violence.”The legislation would require colleges to provide file electronic reports of sexual assault, and for the reports to be made anonymously. It would protect victims and witnesses who come forward from being punished for related activity such as violating a campus alcohol policy.Accord to a 2015 study by the Association of American Universities, 23 percent of female college students responded that they have been the target of several forms of unwanted sexual aggression. canada goose jacket sale

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