When Tom Fahn’s equally long absent voice came out of the

It was already surreal and nostalgic to hear Replica Hermes, but when Tai finally reunited with Agumon after a full 25 minutes of build up Replica Hermes Birkin, the crowd broke into a round of applause. When Tom Fahn’s equally long absent voice came out of the little dinosaur, fans were as overjoyed to hear these two together in English again as the Digimon partners were to see each other in the film.The rest of the movie followed in similar fashion, with each returning voice being met with a few audible gasps and squealing from the crowd. Mona Marshall as Izzy in particular seemed to bring a few folks in the crowd to the brink of tears, not only because so many young nerds identified so strongly with the computer whiz, but because it was inspiring to hear Mona Marshall, now almost 70, playing the teenage boy so perfectly, even as he’s introduced speaking French! Colleen O’Shaughnessey and Philece Sampler as Sora and Mimi were the other returning Digidestined in top form as their characters, and Sampler was also present after the screening to comment on the movie, saying how overjoyed she was to play a more grown up version of her first ever anime role.

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