They had not been born wealthy

Miami defeated Charlotte 95 87 at home in their match up in November. The Bobcats held the Heat to just 42.5% shooting in a respectable effort on the road. A month in a half later, things have changed at least for one of these teams. Have we not lived life without Zaheer for most of his career? Not that Ishant Sharma is your “killer” strike bowler, but at the same stage of their careers 55 test matches Zaheer and Ishant Sharma are not any vastly different. Ishant has 164 wickets at 37 to Zaheer’s slightly better but still greatly underwhelming 174 wickets at 34! Zaheer came to great effect in India’s 2007 tour of Britain and the 2011 World Cup. Outside of that, his role as a strike bowler has been seldom, far between, when available then either ruined by injuries or largely ineffectual and on Indian pitches completely non existent.

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