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Other reported scams involve purchases of expensive jewelry - Malta Offers Website

Other reported scams involve purchases of expensive jewelry

Citizen disputes the charges.In the end, the merchant such as the funeral home is left having to pay the charges on the wire transfer, since it’s always the merchant’s responsibility to ensure the person making the charge is who he says he is.”It’s the merchant who takes the hit,” said Scott Gilligan, legal counsel for the National Funeral Directors Association, who tells members to use certified checks for overseas calls.An Alabama funeral home director recently told the national association that a scammer gave her three credit card numbers, asking the funeral home to charge an extra $1,650 on one of the cards and then wire that amount to a “burial agent” in London via Western Union money transfer. Citizens.Gilligan said the scammers often appear to concentrate on certain regions of the country. This week, he said, the association has received several complaints from funeral homes in Ohio.Other reported scams involve purchases of expensive jewelry pieces such as lockets in which people can carry a loved one’s ashes that are bought using stolen credit cards.

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